My name is Melody and I am a product designer in San Francisco. I like making and testing things until they work.


Dashboard Design

Desktop UX Design

A hospital fridge is overheating, threatening the integrity of the blood samples. How might we help a hospital admin quickly take corrective action when she oversees hundreds of medical assets?


Housing Search Design

Web UX Design

How might we help newcomers to a city find a new home in a safe, trustworthy, and efficient way?


AR Video App Design

Mobile Product Design

The client has a robust augmented reality, geolocation, and video technology stack. How might we uncover a user-centric use case that leverages the technology?


Happiness Delivery

Service Design

How might we bring the joy and absurdity of improvisation out into the real world?


eCommerce User Research

UX Research

Store visitors love's laser-etched map bottles in-person, but online sales are lagging. How might we improve poor conversion?