Carrier Chicken v1

Carrier Chicken



In March 2017, I began taking improvisation classes. I loved the spontaneity and absurdity that often emerged in the improv games and scenes and wanted to bring the sense of play into the real world. Recognizing that rubber chickens were a universal symbol of slapstick humor, I began carrying one around with me everywhere--to cafes, farmer's markets, and bars.

After a while, I realized that many objects--as long as they are self-contained and non-perishable--can be shipped without packaging. And thus spawned , a package-free rubber chicken delivery service in which I scribe a recipient's address directly on the chicken's body, then mail it off.

Long story short, I ended up picking up a slew of odd skills to make flying rubber chickens a reality: 

  • copperplate calligraphy
  • product photography
  • hot wax seals
  • courting journalists; HuffPost and BrokeAssStuart have featured the service
  • affiliate marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google analytics
  • Shopify template coding
  • email marketing
  • customer service
  • Alibaba manufacturer communications