Angry Godmother Product Design


Angry Godmother Product Design

How might we remind ourselves of our worthiness when we feel inadequate?



Sometimes, in reaction to uncomfortable situations or failures, I feel down on myself but don't feel comfortable unloading the negativity onto friends or family. In these moments, not taking action--through meditation, journaling, or exercise--can lead to a rather debilitating state of mind. When I am in public, it is hard to fall back on one of those actions, so I programmed a little text bot that always has my back. I like the idea of having an angry godmother who's frustrated that you're being overly harsh with yourself, but is able to dish some tough love when it's what you need.





Tools I used included: 

  • Twilio
  • Node.js
  • lots of inspirational Pinterest boards and quotes sites

Tools & Methods



My internal dialogue is becoming very negative, and I want:

  1. To remind myself that I need to support myself and practice self-trust and care
  2. Some instant reassurance that's not intrusive

User's Goal



Proposed Visual Design



Proposed Dashboard Home Page


Not all issues can be immediately resolved, so we have the "Open Issue", "In Progress" and "Resolved" columns to track progress.

An interviewee said "nobody loves databases", so we gamified the issue resolution experience by presenting issues in cards instead of a database.

To isolate important issues, we color-coded the cards by priority.

We visualized issues by location so the user can resolve multiple issues on one trip.

To incentivize the user to resolve issues, we display performance metrics.



Proposed Issues Log


For a complete view of both resolved and unresolved issues, users can refer to the issues log.

Unresolved issues are highlighted and have a bright "Resolve Now" call to action.

Resolved issues are grayed out, but users can still see what corrective action was taken through "View Log."

To find a specific issue, users have multiple filtering and search options.



Proposed Environmental Monitoring Report Page

We integrated the usability testing learnings and kept the icons but streamlined the checkbox filtering options vertically to minimize eyeball and mouse movement.



Prototype Demo



The client of this project, MeshCandy, recently graduated from an incubator and plans on implementing the web dashboard after they finish trials with their current set of hospital clients.

Next Steps