Figma Redesign User Research

How might we build brand trust for a new e-commerce store?



Visitors to, a San Francisco design studio and e-commerce store, are not making purchases on the site despite buying JACE's products in-person. The bounce rate is higher than desirable.

The Problem

 allows visitors to enter any location in the world, then laser etches a map of that location onto steel metal bottles and wooden phone cases.




Uncover the root causes of poor conversion on's site

The Goal



I conducted in-person usability tests to understand:

  • The overall brand perception upon landing on the site
  • The usability of the map customization tool

User Research


    • Due to poor product photography, visitors distrusted the site. They equate the quality of photography with the quality of JACE's products.
    • Visitors completely did not grasp the customizability feature of the site; they thought the address text boxes were for shipping, not for map customization.
    • Once visitors understood the customizability feature, they were very excited about the product, helping us validate the physical products and recognize that the lack of sales was due to poor marketing.
    • Visitors found the animated GIFs on the product page distracting.

    Research Findings

    "To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't even go past the first page because the images don't look inviting. They're kind of dark and I don't know what I'm looking at."


    Based on the research findings,

    • contracted a professional product photographer
    • wrote copy on the front page to emphasize customizability
    • created an animation demonstrating the customizability feature
    • added "+" and "-" buttons for zoom-in and zoom-out, instead of double-clicking
    • added city presets to suggest customizability

    Actions Taken





      Product Photography: