Moment UX


AR Mobile App UX

How might we encourage users to physically explore their surroundings with augmented reality, video, and geolocation technology?



Moment has a robust augmented reality, video, and geolocation technology stack and needs to find a product-market fit.

The Problem



Take advantage of the robust technology stack to design a product that users will enjoy engaging with




I conducted user research through in-person interviews and watched interviewees use their social media accounts. The research goals were to:

  • Discover what sort of media users produce and curate, and why
  • Determine how they share or store the media

User Research



    Research Findings

    Through interviews, I learned that users capture media in the lowest effort way possible, i.e. if a text suffices, there's no need for a photo, and if a photo suffices, there's no need for a video.

    There is also a handful of reasons users capture video:

    • To capture something cute and moving (babies, animals)
    • To capture something that doesn't fit on on screen
    • To capture sound, like a concert
    • To capture beauty or art, like food
    • To capture an animation, movie, or film
    • To emphasize a moment with zoom or reverse

    Interview Findings



    Comparative Analysis



    Persona Generation

    Primary Persona

    Primary Persona

    Secondary Persona

    Secondary Persona



    Some pre-existing location-based delights are:

    • Scavenger hunts
    • Stumbling upon new "favorite haunts"
    • Finding nice notes left for you around the house
    • Running into friends at unexpected places
    • Word-of-mouth recommendations




    Scavenge for and collect location-sensitive video messages/memories that friends leave for you at places they think you’ll enjoy—like video Easter Eggs




    moment: a video or photo recorded and unlocked at a specific location

    planting: leaving a video at a location for someone to find or stumble upon







    User Flows



    Main Screens


    Home Page
    As a user walks, Moments show up when the user is geographically close enough.


    View Moment Page
    Users can play, download, or comment on the Moment.


    Moments Inbox
    Users can access discovered, sent, and found Moments through the Inbox.


    Record Page
    A user can press the orange button to begin recording.


    Instant Replay
    Before sending the Moment, users can review the clip.


    Planting the Moment
    A user can plant the Moment for a friend to discover later.



    Clickable Prototype