Cozmo Mobile App


Cozmo App Overhaul

How might we help users discover all of Cozmo’s capabilities through the mobile app?




This is Cozmo.

Cozmo can:

  • autonomously amuse himself

  • play games adversarially against human users

  • embolden children to code using Scratch.

His “brains” and computing power live on his accompanying mobile app.

I was responsible for all user experience design efforts on the Cozmo app from June 2018 to the company’s closure in May 2019.


The need for an app overhaul arose from users raving about Cozmo’s personality but not fully engaging with most of the app’s features. At the same time they often stated that:

There’s not enough to do with Cozmo.


After we shipped the app redesign, analytics from the 2018 holiday season product usage showed that:

  • Our Amazon product rating increased across all markets. Ratings in Germany, our weakest market, grew from 3.1 to 4.0 out of 5 stars.

  • Public product ratings, which is a key driver of sales, may not strongly correlate with retention; we had assumed that higher engagement equaled higher product satisfaction and ratings, but excellent first impressions and the quality of interactions drove higher ratings even as retention levels remained stable.

  • The Cozmo product line was 7-figures profitable before company shutdown.

We then shipped two other features: Cozmo Performs and Cozmo’s Free Time.

Project Impact


Below is documentation of parts of the design process for the Cozmo app overhaul.



Tools and methods I used were: 

  • longitudinal observational study

  • app usage analytics

  • user survey responses

  • prototyping

  • usability testing

I delivered a full-color clickable prototype using Sketch and Flinto to the engineering team.

Tools & Methods



Site Map Restructuring



Original Cozmo App Home Screen

Original Cozmo App Home Screen


Challenges with the original architecture of the app:

  • There were only 4 main buttons on the home screen, so users often felt that there was little content.

  • 2 of the main buttons asked users to “Tune Up” or “Feed” the robot, features that were associated with user churn.

  • Our most engaging features, “Explorer Mode”, “CodeLab”, and “Cozmo Says”, were nested under a vague title of “Discover”



Revamped Cozmo App Home Screen

Revamped Cozmo App Home Screen


Revisions made to the architecture:

  • We surfaced the most popular features to top-level of the app and split out “Games” and “Tricks” for clarity.

  • We relegated “Tune Up” and “Feed” to progress bars at the top of the home screen to preserve the functionality but take up less real estate and attention onscreen.

  • We displayed all of the content in a digestible way by creating a carousel filled with a card for each feature, showing a maximum of 3 cards onscreen a time.



Initial Home Screen Explorations


Design decisions based on research and user-testing:

  • The carousel design pattern was very successful for displaying a large amount of content in a digestible way and commonly seen in children’s apps

  • Major category names should be accompanied by clear illustrations for children who cannot yet read.



Play-testing Findings

A small sample of kids that played with Cozmo and gave feedback

A small sample of kids that played with Cozmo and gave feedback

  • Kids are very comfortable with scrolling and could find all of the content

  • Kids felt that there were “so many things to do with Cozmo”

  • Kids are extremely literal and don’t think very abstractly, so we chose extremely clear yet exciting images and titles

  • Kids rarely (or sometimes can’t) read, so when onboarding them to certain ideas or features, so we taught them through animations and images instead of text



Cozmo App Overhaul: Final Design

The Cozmo App is currently live and downloadable from the iOS and Android app stores.


Alternatively, below is an app-walk through of the features that were changed in the app overhaul.



Next Steps

After the app overhaul, we shipped two other features: Cozmo Performs and Cozmo’s Free Time.

See the  Cozmo Performs  project

See the Cozmo Performs project

See the  Cozmo’s Free Time  project

See the Cozmo’s Free Time project